Friday, May 27, 2011

AIGA Leadership Retreat in Minneapolis

Every year AIGA supports board members from all its chapters across the country with a retreat, 
this year in Minneapolis. 
The AIGA Wisconsin Education Committee has lots of great ideas for the second half of the year, 
as well as continuing the Cultivate Mentorship program. I'm off to find out what other chapters are 
doing and if there are similar ideas being implemented. The idea is to gather information and advice. 
There are 4 of us going to soak it up. Can't wait.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Open Studio

When Lorri first visited my studio, just a few months ago, she was taken by the work and surprised by the studio. It is a large, bright and decaying space in an old warehouse building, it is surprisingly tranquil and beautiful. Happily she bought a painting and encouraged me to open the studio for some friends and friends of friends. This is happening for the first time on Saturday May 28th, so please join us.

I spend my time in the studio working on graphic design projects, painting, drawing and at the moment recreating small plant parts such as pea and bean pods from polymer clay and painting sticks I've found while walking the dog. This preoccupation is in its experimental stages and appears to be developing into some exciting possibilities - who knows where it will go.

There are two distinct parts to me as an artist, and I've noticed it often in other people; there is the wild and gestural, who wants to be free and break things, and the other who is slower, more considered, meditative, is absorbed by detail and careful production. I've attached some images of some paintings, drawings and the experimental work with different natural materials, you'll see the two artists quite distinctly.

These painterly gestural works began when I arrived in the US from Australia, they are about the surprises and difficulties of dislocation.

At times when I am away from the studio I make these small polymer clay objects, mostly characters, sometimes hands. There is something compelling about aimlessly making something with no intended use or outcome. It makes a great departure from the constraints of graphic design.

And sometimes there is realism...