Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work with Carol Kerr Studio

I began Carol Kerr Studio in Milwaukee in 2008 when I arrived from Sydney AustraliaI share my creative talents, my passion for design and conceptual thinking with collaborators and clients alike. Carol Kerr Studio takes an holistic approach to translate brands and ideas into communication pieces and spaces. Each project begins with a strong and well thought through concept which becomes the key to creating inspiring, meaningful and enduring brand and communication experiences.

Carol Kerr Studio’s goal is to expand our clients’ imagination and bring a fresh perspective to what their brand could be. Design potential is infinite and we aim to expand possibilities and open our clients’ eyes and hearts to everything that communication design has to offer. With a wealth of design knowledge and experience Carol Kerr Studio is committed to making your next project a rewarding and exciting experience. 

Services include:
• Full scope graphic design and project management
• Creative direction and design
• Design collaboration
• Branding design
• Conceptual thinking and design strategy

If you would still like to enjoy the process of creating amazing results, please send an email to

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